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Breeder Referral

Here you will find our members names and contact information.  If you are looking for a Japanese Chin, please buy from reputable SHOW breeders.  You may have to pay a little more, but our puppies and breeding dogs are healthy and well socialized. Please shop for your breeder first.

Carla Jo & Tommy Ryan​​ ~ Ni Kokoro Japanese Chin

Breeder, Owner, Handler, Mentor, Breed Judges Mentor

5739 Bass Mountain Road

Snow Camp, NC  27349


P:  (443) 699-0904

Linda Bittner ~ ChaNoYu Chins

5745 Bass Mountain Road

Snow Camp, NC  27349


P: (336) 376-8618

C: (336) 693-2009

Marisa Capozzo Schmidt ~ Dizzy Dog Training & Canine Massage Therapy
Agility, Conformation Handling and Canine Massage Therapy

Alamance Church Rd

Greensboro, NC 27406


C: (732) 796-4578

Cherie Boice & Ned Stedman ~ Cherbo Japanese Chin

Breeder, Owner

Blanchard Road 

Saint Paul’s NC  28384

P: (910) 865-5134   C: (276) 494-6826


Peggy & George Tyler & Valerie Pack ~ Sakura No Hana

Breeder, Owner

Elderwood Drive

Ladson, SC  29456-3743


H: (843) 871-2862

P: (843) 452-2616

Joan Parker ~ Parkbury

Breeder, Owner

Pine Ridge Circle

Winterville, GA  30683


P: (716) 479-8162

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